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Now a ReachLocal company.

OfferEx works by allowing offer suppliers and resellers to connect in a safe and neutral performance based marketplace where all parties have been vetted. By tapping into OfferEx's platform, offer suppliers can distribute deals to a group of consumers they don't currently reach. By taking deals from OfferEx, deal resellers can source hundreds of high quality offers without the capital expense of hiring or managing a sales force. Resellers also get the unique ability and control of transacting that business on their own website! Maintaining control over your own consumer list is key to building your own daily deal franchise.


Suppliers load offers into OfferEx and assign a commission to each offer. The Bid amount is the amount a supplier is willing to pay as a commission each time the reseller sells one of their vouchers/coupons.


After deals are approved for distribution by OfferEx staff they will be made available to Resellers. Resellers can then select deals to take based on category, location, commission or a combination of all three.


When the reseller’ customer purchases a deal supplied through OfferEx, a cobranded voucher is generated by OfferEx for the resellers to issue. The reseller’s OfferEx account is debited for the voucher sale minus the suppliers commission and the suppliers OfferEx account is credited the voucher sale minus their bid.